Alison Angel Wet Gymnastics

alison_angel_wet_gymnastics_cover' This update is perfect for the golf lovers or at least those that would like to join Alison Angel on the links naked. Can you imagine it. You are up early hitting the links. As you turn the corner for the back nine what do you see? You see an Angel and she is dancing naked through the sprinklers. Her wet skin glistens in the sunlight and as she is showing off her old cheerleader move. When she stops to call you over you are remind of how beautiful she is when naked. She tells you to get naked and join in the fun. What do you do? Would you drop your inhibitions and join her for some naked golf?

Come on, get naked and join the fun
Get Wet with Alison Angel
alison_angel_wet_gymnastics_002' alison_angel_wet_gymnastics_003' alison_angel_wet_gymnastics_004'

Alison Angel Gallery
Alison Angel

Alison Angel Pyjama Part

alison_angel_pyjama_cover' Sleep over at Alison’s house and everyone is invited. Grab your pillow, tooth brush and pyjamas and get ready for some fun. Of course this promises to be a super sexy slumber party!

This great party was all inspired by an Alison Angel fan who sent her these super cute pyjamas. That led to the photo shoot and videos. The only thing cuter than the pyjamas is the star of course. We get to watch her jump and hop on the bed in a cute playfull manner.

The video starts to get naughtier when she flashes us her “cooter” as she continues to bounce around long after her pyjama bottoms fall off. The best part of it all is when we get to watch Alison take her nighttime shower. What a delight it is to watch her “lather” up and wash her boobs, bummy and other “naughty” parts. We also get a special treat as we watch her shave her “cooter” until it is super smooth and extra sexy!

Must see video:
Watch our heroine shave her “cooter”

alison_angel_pyjama_002' alison_angel_pyjama_003' alison_angel_pyjama_004'

Alison Angel Pics

Alison Angel Pretty in Pink

alison angel cover

While I showed some of the this pink girl set of Alison Angel before here I wanted to go back and highlight some of the pics from that I didn’t show the first time around. I really think our Angel looks super cute in those pink shorts which is why that is all I showed before but in looking back at this great set I realized might have missed not getting to peak at Alison’s delicious shaved pussy. So without further I present the Alison Angel bottomless in pink!

Must see video:
See Alison Angel Pretty in Pink!

alison angel pinkgirl alison angel pinkgirl alison angel pinkgirl

Alison Angel

The Model


Doesn’t Alison Angel look amazing in this brown dress. These pics and the videos were taken in Maui. While there are some great outdoor settings that look great, I love these pics that were taken of Alison flashing in the hotel lobby. I adore the way that tight dress clings to her body and shows off all of her yummy curves. Of course when our Angel is flashing her naughty bits she is looking just as delicious.

Must see video:
Alison Angel Masturbates in Maui
alison_angel_model_2 alison_angel_model_3 alison_angel_model_4

Alison Angel Panty Show 2b

alison angel cover

This is the second time our sweet heart Alison Angel has done a sexy panty show. She looks so damn adorable trying on different pairs of cute panties. Seeing the contrast of the different colors and materials on her soft tan skin is so damn sexy and arousing. I don’t think I am the only one who found it arousing though as our very own Angel named Alison gets sooo frisky that she stuffs a pair of panties deep into her cooter!

Must see video:
Watch Alison Angel Panty Stuffing!

alison angel panty-show-2 alison angel panty-show-2 alison angel panty-show-2

Alison Angel

Alison Angel Bunny Splash

alison angel cover

It is Autumn now in my part of the world and all the of leaves on the trees are turning brilant shades of organge and red but I think my favorite color is still green. At least it is green if it is a sexy two piece bikini being slowed removed from the hot wet naked body of my favorite sweetheart… ie: Alison Angel. This shoot was from a hot Phoenix day and while I love the Fall and all the colors I sure think I could have delete with the heat and would have loved a nice day at the pool escaping from the hear with my Angel named Alison… please tell me I am not alone when I say that her boobs are absolutely perfect in the fourth picture. ;-)

Must see video:
Click here for more Alison Angel now!

alison angel bunny-splash alison angel bunny-splash alison angel bunny-splash

Alison Angel

Alison Angel Sticky Oranges

alison angel cover

OMFG This set of Alison Angel makes me so damn horny it is hard to describe. Sure it features our favorite cutie getting naked and showing us all of her sensual curves but you can see that in ever picture shoot featuring our favorite big boobs blonde sweetheart. Can you guess what turns me on so much about this particular shoot? I’ll give you a hint. They are large, round and super sweet to suck on… and no I am not talking about her boobies. I am talking about the oranges. I get so damn horny watching Alison squeeze all of the natural juices out of the oranges and on to her body. I can imagine myself licking up all of her sticky goodness and they thought of our bodies rubbing together in a sticky mess while making love simply puts me over the edge. Thanks my Angel. Thanks for the wonderfully sticky fun photo shoot!

Must see video:
Watch Alison Masturbate in Public!

alison angel oranges alison angel oranges alison angel oranges

Alison Angel

Alison Angel Dress for Masturbation

alison angel cover

Maybe I am just super horny today but watching my favorite babe, Alison Angel, masturbate herself to a strong orgasm with a big pink vibrating egg is the hottest thing I have seen in a while… and for a person who spends as much time as I do cruising around the web watching all sorts of hotties do there thing that is saying a lot! If you don’t believe me check out the video yourself and then post up a link of someone who you think comes even close to as hot as Alison Angel in this video. I challenge you because I know it is impossible. Alison Angel is still the best by far!

Must see video:
Alison orgasms on the egg!

alison angel dressed-masturbation alison angel dressed-masturbation alison angel dressed-masturbation

Alison Angel

Alison Angel Pretty Silver Balls

alison angel cover

Watching Alison Angels’ skin glisten with beads of sweat on a warm Arizona day is hot.

Seeing her strip naked in public is hotter.

Watching her masturbate is even hotter.

Putting all three things together and watching our lovely Angel slide some big silver sex balls in and out of her cooter on a hot sticky day results in one of the hottest videos I have yet to see on Alison’s website. You simply have to check it out for yourself!

Must see video:
Silver balls slide in and out like magic!

alison angel prettysilver alison angel prettysilver alison angel prettysilver

Alison Angel

Alison Angel Playful and Kinky

alison angel cover

In this shoot we get to watch our favorite girl, Alison Angel, get silly and playful on a hot Arizona day. She plays around this odd white fence flashing her boobs and other naughty bits teasing the camera and us as it is clear she was in a frisky mood. For me the hottest part of this video is when our Angel decides to cool off using a garden hose. She looks smoking hot as her skin glistens in the water. Oh how I would have love to been there to lick every drop of water off of her!

Must see video:
Watch Alison Water her Pussy!

alison angel playful-kinky alison angel playful-kinky alison angel playful-kinky

Alison Angel

Alison Angel in Black and White

alison angel cover This is an interesting set of pics and videos that Alison Angel did for her site. She spent the day with a guest photographer doing an outdoor shoot in a very public area. Of course it made for some risque public exposure but some how I don’t think the maintenance guy who got to check Alison Angels awesome boobs and butt was going to complain. Personally I don’t think I really care for the the way the colors are in the pics but our Angel’s cameltoe was simply to hot for me not so show some of these pics from this set. Check Alison out and use the comments to let me know what you think.

Must see video:
Alison Angel with Pink Vibrator!

alison angel black-white alison angel black-white alison angel black-white

Alison Angel

Alison Angel Ranger Alert

alison angel cover

Oh how I wish it was Summer again and I was hanging with Alison Angel soaking up the sun… getting all hot and sweaty before jumping into a nice cool pool. Instead it is near freezing where I live and there is over a foot of snow covering the ground. But at least I can watch this video from when Alison Angel went to the zoo last summer and be filled with warm thoughts. Of course my thoughts are not the only thing that heat up when I watch our Angel flash her naughty bits in the zoo. Just look at how cute, soft and squeezable her bottom… yummy! Of course her cooter looks yummy also… shaved, soft and plump and just waiting to be suckled and teased between my lips while my tongue darts into her sweet sticky spot. Damn… just writing this and picturing me spending some time with Alison has helped me to forget all about the cold outside.

Must see video:
Watch Alison flash the Giraffes!

alison angel ranger alison angel ranger alison angel ranger

Alison Angel

Alison Angel Panty Show 2a

alison angel cover

It’s a panty show with Alison Angel. Of course Alison looks good in any pair of cute panties but this is a cool shoot she did a while back for her site. In it our Angel tried on and modeled panties sent in by fans of her site. I will post some more later but for now check out her hotness in some cotton white panties with nice blue true and a pair of cotton purple panties and finally some sexy blue lacy panties!

Must see video:
See Alison in and out of her panties!

alison angel panty-show-2 alison angel panty-show-2 alison angel panty-show-2

Alison Angel

Alison Angel Natural Settings

alison angel cover

It is now officially Fall here in New England and I miss the warm summer days like this one where Alison Angel did some sexy outdoor nude shooting. While there will still be some nice days to walk and hike they are coming to a close soon enough. I am sure I will see plenty of splendid Fall colors as the leaves change colors but I doubt I will see any beautiful blond angels in cute blue summer dresses flashing their soft big boobs and shaved pussies like Alison Angel does in these pics and vids. Of course I don’t see any cuties flashing me in the summer either… lol.. well perhaps I do but unfortunately those hotties are only in my dreams and luckily for me I can have those yummy erotic dreams no matter what the weather is like outside!

Must see video:
Alison flashes her yummy bits!

alison angel natural-settings alison angel natural-settings alison angel natural-settings

Alison Angel

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Alison Angel:

alison angel

FTV Girls:

ftv girls

FTV Girls is the site where Alison started. It is my favorite masturbation and sex toys site. Of course, "sex toys" is a putting it midly. The FTV Girls will masturbate with many "sex toys" including: water bottles, fruits, vegtables, hair brushes, garden hoses, curling irons and even a baseball bat!!

While the pictures are amazing quality high resolutions it is the videos that make FTV Girls shine. All videos are shot in HDTV technology and play with crystal clarity. In total the site has over 50,000 pictures and more than 345 videos. Each video episode is between 30 and 90 minutes.

Preview all 200 FTV Girls


Lia 19:

Lia 19

Lia 19 is a drop dead gorgeous silly witty blond who has firm 34C breasts and the best nipples on-line!

Her site,, is a "sister" site to Lia 19's site is produced by the same people who help Alison with her site. And just like with Alison's they have done a great job. She has shot more than 240 episode for her site. Each episode is shot in a unique location and features the photo sets and videos from the shot.

See Lia19's pefect nipples!


Fiona Luv:

Fiona Luv

Fiona Luv is a petite blond 19 year old and the star of As a former gymnast she is very flexible, can do crazy gymnastics, backflips and extreme yoga-style position. Of course this flexibilty lends itself to making some very very naughty videos!

Fiona Luv's site is by the people who have introduced the world to Alison, Lia 19 and the whole crew at FTV Girls. Fiona has done over 130 episodes and, of course, they all feature our heroine, Fiona Luv, being her cute, bouncy, and fun loving self.

Try nude gymnastics Fiona Luv!


Alexa Model:

Alexa Model



Jezebele oozes sexuality. She has firm natural C-cup breasts, long sexy legs, a cute butt and an adorable smile.

Jezebele's sexual energy shows through out her site. She loves to maturbate and often has long loud multiple orgasms. Jezebele is a 'squirter'. She 'squirts' so far it has to be seen to be believed!

Jezebele's site,, is produced by the same people work with Alison on her site and FTV Girls. It features the same high quality pictures and videos.

Watch Jezebele 'squirt' now!






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