FTV Girls Iman Stops By


Few things are so enticing as watching a Caucasian and a black girls posing together. Unfortunately in this video set, the action doesn’t transcend to lesbian sex (oh, I wish!), and Alison Angel limits herself to play around with this ebony beauty that goes by the name of Iman. But even with the limited touching, this is one set that will certainly blow your mind. My favorite part is when Alison asks Iman to spread her pussy while sitting on a bench by the mall’s entrance, and sassy Iman gladly obliges. Looking at Iman’s pussy, you can see the desire in Alison’s face… heck, I thought she was going to drop the video camera and go down on Iman right there. That would’ve made for a delicious chocolate and vanilla swirl!

But don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed. Although Alison doesn’t get a taste of Iman, there’s lots of sexy things happening in this set. Alison and Iman, who were complete strangers up to this point, get to know each other a lot better. After fooling around for a while at the mall, they go to a restaurant where they chat a bit (and where we find out some dirty little secrets of Iman). Then, they move on to a quite public office building area, and that’s where the fun really begins! Iman gets butt naked there, and Alison gets to shoot her perfectly trim body, and we get to see lots of close-ups of her innermost parts, which includes tons of butt shots as well. Spread, of course.

Must See Video:
Let Iman show you her pink bits!
alison_angel_ftv_girls_iman_2 alison_angel_ftv_girls_iman_3 alison_angel_ftv_girls_iman_4

FTV Girls Lindy Visits


You guys know that I’m a sucker for blonde girls (therefore my worshiping Alison Angel), but from time to time, I come across a redhead that simply makes my blood boil. That’s the case with Lindy, a fiery amateur who was recently featured on both Alison’s site and the FTV Girls site, and who had me drooling from the word GO. Of course, I had plenty of reason for it, since Lindy started out trying on a few sexy outfits, which she quickly removed, showing her perfect curves without an ounce of shyness. After a while of nude teasing, Lindy decides it’s time for some serious action, and begins playing with a garden hose, which to my surprise and delight, she inserts up her private parts (which at this point are totally public), and… oh, yeah, baby, yeah: she squirts water from her vagina!

Call me a pervert, but watching this simply blew my gasket. It was bad (or good) enough watching Alison play with Lindy’s completely natural boobs and round butt, but when they got to the squirting part, that was just too much!

Alison Angel: America’s Favorite Big Boob Teen
See all of Alison’s Pics and Vids now!

alison_angel_ftv_girls_lindy_2 alison_angel_ftv_girls_lindy_3 alison_angel_ftv_girls_lindy_4

FTV Girls

Alison Angel & Lucie of FTV Girls

alison_angel_lucie_cover' When Lucie from FTV Girls visits Alison at the FTV House you know that some naughty fun is going to ensue. Naughty being the operative word here.

The video of Lucie giving Alison a full body massage with special attention to her boobs and bum is very hot. But the hottest video in the update is when FTV Girl Lucie maturbates with Alison peeking in through the bathroom door. And then when Alison begins to masturbate herself… wow it was very very hot.

Must see video:
Watch Alison Angel and FTV Girls Lucie orgasm.

alison_angel_lucie_002' alison_angel_lucie_003' alison_angel_lucie_004'

Alison Angel and FTV Girls Zia

alison_angel_ftvgirls_zia_cover' I was always told that an apply a day will keep the doctor away but what will a banana a day do? Sorry to sound so corny but to watch Alison goof around with Zia from FTV Girls puts you in a corny (and horny) mood.

In classic Alison fashion she gets so goofy when any of the FTV Girls visit. It is probably because she got her start as one of the FTV Girls. Anyway back to Zia and her banana. I am not sure what inspired her to masturbate with a banana but it sure is hot. On the video the girls start just fooling around with the banana and being goofy but about half way through Zia really – really – starts to get into it. Let me just say that she is a “screamer” because when Zia climaxed I think everyone at the FTV Girls mansion must have heard her!

Must see video:
Zia masturbates and orgasms with a banana!

alison_angel_ftvgirls_zia_002' alison_angel_ftvgirls_zia_003' alison_angel_ftvgirls_zia_004'

Alison Angel and FTV Girls Kirsten


Could anything be sexier than watching videos of Alison Angel and Kirsten from FTV Girls romp around in their sweatpants? Of course there is. You could be Kristen masturbate with her white vibrator while Alison coaches her on. Now that is sexy! Watching a model from FTV Girls with a vibrator is always sexy.

Alison Angel and FTV Girls Kirsten get naughty.

alison_angel_ftvgirls_kirsten_002' alison_angel_ftvgirls_kirsten_003' alison_angel_ftvgirls_kirsten_004'

Alison Angel:

alison angel

FTV Girls:

ftv girls

FTV Girls is the site where Alison started. It is my favorite masturbation and sex toys site. Of course, "sex toys" is a putting it midly. The FTV Girls will masturbate with many "sex toys" including: water bottles, fruits, vegtables, hair brushes, garden hoses, curling irons and even a baseball bat!!

While the pictures are amazing quality high resolutions it is the videos that make FTV Girls shine. All videos are shot in HDTV technology and play with crystal clarity. In total the site has over 50,000 pictures and more than 345 videos. Each video episode is between 30 and 90 minutes.

Preview all 200 FTV Girls


Lia 19:

Lia 19

Lia 19 is a drop dead gorgeous silly witty blond who has firm 34C breasts and the best nipples on-line!

Her site, Lia19.com, is a "sister" site to AlisonAngel.com. Lia 19's site is produced by the same people who help Alison with her site. And just like with Alison's they have done a great job. She has shot more than 240 episode for her site. Each episode is shot in a unique location and features the photo sets and videos from the shot.

See Lia19's pefect nipples!


Fiona Luv:

Fiona Luv

Fiona Luv is a petite blond 19 year old and the star of FionaLuv.com. As a former gymnast she is very flexible, can do crazy gymnastics, backflips and extreme yoga-style position. Of course this flexibilty lends itself to making some very very naughty videos!

Fiona Luv's site is by the people who have introduced the world to Alison, Lia 19 and the whole crew at FTV Girls. Fiona has done over 130 episodes and, of course, they all feature our heroine, Fiona Luv, being her cute, bouncy, and fun loving self.

Try nude gymnastics Fiona Luv!


Alexa Model:

Alexa Model



Jezebele oozes sexuality. She has firm natural C-cup breasts, long sexy legs, a cute butt and an adorable smile.

Jezebele's sexual energy shows through out her site. She loves to maturbate and often has long loud multiple orgasms. Jezebele is a 'squirter'. She 'squirts' so far it has to be seen to be believed!

Jezebele's site, Jezebele.com, is produced by the same people work with Alison on her site and FTV Girls. It features the same high quality pictures and videos.

Watch Jezebele 'squirt' now!






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