Alison Angel in a Jeans Skirt

alison angel cover

Upskirt, anyone? Alison has added the most delicious photos to her website, where she poses in a short denim skirt and bright pink panties that match her also pink legwarmers. Although being new, this update will remind you of the girls from back in the 80’s (think Flashdance) that went everywhere with their legs covered by this type of garment.

With her skirt being so short, Alison has no choice but to show her pussy and ass every turn she takes. Obviously, this doesn’t bother her, and to make things a little spicier, she removes her panties completely and after giving us some glorious shots of her private parts poking under her skirt, she then masturbates on the floor.

Spreading her little love box, Alison shoves a brand new, rather large dildo all the way inside her vagina, and sets it’s vibration intensity to high. Trust me, no matter how many times you may have seen Alison masturbate with a toy before, none compares to this one. Watch her enjoy herself, rubbing the dildo on her clit and slapping the inners of her pussy with it… it’s a sight you will treasure!

Must see video:
Come peak up Alison’s skirt!

alison angel jeansskirt alison angel jeansskirt alison angel jeansskirt

Alison Angel Blog

Alison Angel at the Office Park

alison angel cover Do dirty girls turn you on? Then you’re in luck, my dear friend, because Alison Angel has a very special update for us today: modeling in her little black lingerie and her delightfully transparent panties, Alison starts out running around the park and rolling on the grass. So far, so good… The only problem is that she didn’t realize beforehand that things were a little too wet and after a few minutes of posing for the camera, she found herself covered in mud.

Being such a spontaneous girl, Alison had no problem with some extra frosting on her cake, and without a care in the world, she went on with the shoot. Needless to say, by the time she was done, there was dirt all over her hands, tits and ass. But she still looked delicious!

This photo and video set of Alison includes a short masturbation session, which in spite of not being as long and intense as what she has us accustomed to, is definitely a really good one. You can tell she’s scared to death the entire time, looking around and very nervous because there were people watching. Needless to say, between the mud on her nude body and the adrenaline running thru her veins, Alison put up a great show, and you just can’t miss it!

Must see video:
Watch Our Angel Masturbate Now!

alison angel officepark alison angel officepark alison angel officepark

Alison Angel Blog

Alison Angel in an Orange Lambo

alison angel cover A hot girl and an equally hot car… what else could you ask for? Certainly nothing (except a few extra tissues). Alison Angel poses today with the most amazing vehicle ever, a golden colored, brand new Lamborghini that gleams in the desert sun while she drives it at dangerous speeds on lonely roads. Even as hot as Alison is, in this chapter, you’ll be hard pressed to keep your eyes on her bare breasts, since the amazing car and its tremendous power will mesmerize you. Watch this vivacious blonde driving in her sexy black underwear, and after a while of teasing us with her abilities and her barely clad body, get completely naked and show us every curve and hidden little crane of her body.

In the video and photoset in this update, you will get to enjoy Alison in a new way: with her hair floating in the air as she drives, spreading her pretty pussy between gear shifts, and finally posing next to the Lamborghini in high resolution photos that I bet you’ll use as your desktop background. If someone asks, just tell them you have no idea who the girl is, and you just used the photo because of the hot car in it!

Must see video:
Who is hotter – Alison or the Lambo?

alison angel lambo alison angel lambo alison angel lambo

Alison Angel

Reflections of Alison Angel

alison angel cover No matter where Alison Angel may pose, be it in the deserted Serengeti plains, in a sumptuous resort, or in a run of the mill middle class neighborhood, she will always look fantastically good and her sole presence will light up the place. But there are times when she chooses special places to get naked at, and that is when you have to stop and admire not only her beauty, but that of her surroundings. Like in this new photo set where Alison poses by a river, standing nude at the edge of the water and slowly getting herself wet. In the almost magical light of a summer sunset and with the typical Arizona landscape as background, these photos are some of the best that Alison has regaled us with. No wonder she saved this special setting and this sensual moment for her one-hundredth chapter!

In addition to her usual naughtiness and beauty, this set gives us double the pleasure, with our delicious Alison Angel being reflected by the river, completely undressed, and in some photos, standing with her legs open so the mirror-like water can reveal her inner parts.

Must see video:
Watch Alison shimmer in the moon light.

alison angel reflections alison angel reflections alison angel reflections

Alison Angel

Current Affairs with Alison Angel

alison angel cover Beauty and big natural breasts are not all it takes to make a girl interesting. Alison Angel is well aware of that, and she will do whatever it takes to turn herself into an irresistible woman. And, what better way than by keeping up with what’s going in the world and reading the newspaper? Of course, staying on top of the news doesn’t have to be boring (leave that to Fox News)… with Alison, current affairs can be quite entertaining, mostly when she decides to red the paper in a public place, while taking her clothes off.

Now, what’s up with this? Try pulling your cock out at the corner and you’ll get arrested faster than you can say “just kidding”. Instead, Alison walks around butt naked in the middle of town and in broad light, and nothing happens to her. Are the cops in her area on the take, or are the people in Arizona so open minded that they don’t mind having a naked chick walking around town? I think I need to move to the desert! It may be hot as hell, but apparently you can away with murder there, plus Alison Angel is in the neighborhood!

Must see video:
Read the Naked News with Alison

alison angel newspaper alison angel newspaper alison angel newspaper

Alison Angel

Alison Angel at the Park

alison angel cover

Not long ago a well known marketing company ran a poll where they asked men between 18 and 80 what their ideal woman was, and what would make that woman be considered as very naughty. Over 70 percent of the polled men said their ideal was a blonde girl under the age of 25, with big natural tits, long legs, a shapely body and a pretty face. Were they describing Alison Angel or what? Even without ever having seen Alison, it seems like most legal age guys out there consider her the ideal girl. I knew all along she was a hottie, and that most men would go nuts over her, but wow… according to this poll, Alison could run for Miss Universe and actually win.

The only problem is that the people who run beauty pageants think that anorexic with plastic tits is the new beauty standard. Maybe you and I should email them some photos of Alison Angel, like the ones from this new chapter, where she poses naked at a park, showing her closely trimmed pussy for the world to see. By the way, guess what those polled guys said the naughtiest thing a girl could do was? Posing naked in public, you guessed right!

Must see video:
Click here to see Alison bare all in public

alison angel park alison angel park alison angel park

Alison Angel Blog

Alison Angel at the Playground

alison angel cover

Although this “park fun” chapter is not one of Alison Angels’ typical very sexual updates, it is a refreshing addition to her site. In it, Alison makes a pause from all her sex escapades, and instead of getting fully naked and masturbating either in public or in private, she simply acts naughtily and shows her boobs at a skate park. Obviously, knowing Alison the way we already do, we can expect her to show her pussy and her butt too, but those little flashes are minimal, since this is a very public place.

Without a doubt, this chapter will become a favorite of any of her fans, mostly of those who love big bouncy boobs. What’s more, if you’re one of the millions of men who enjoy watching a busty girl letting her breasts hang, this update will leave you panting, as Alison Angel not only bends over to allow her boobs to dangle, but she actually gets upside down, with her tits fully uncovered and swaying at the rhythm of her movements.

Go ahead and download the full video, I guarantee you will love the naughty Alison Angel in it and her luscious bouncy tits!

Must see video:
Watch our Angels’ Tits Bounce Now!

alison angel playground alison angel playground alison angel playground

Alison Angel

Sensual Alison Angel

alison angel cover Alison Angel has lost a few pounds and her body now looks trimmer and more model-like than ever before. And with the pounds, she has shed part of her innocence and high school girl appearance. She looks ravishing and even sexier than ever, if that’s even possible. But despite the sex appeal of her new glamorous persona, most of my readers will agree with me that the “other” Alison, the one with rounder curves and a more childish aura, was undoubtedly the more palatable version of herself.

After all, what has differentiated Alison Angel from the rest of the solo models that nowadays fill the web with their photos and videos, is her sweet expression, her looks of inexperience (despite shoving dildo after dildo in her pink vagina), and why not?, her curvy body that no other chick’s can compare to. Oh, and of course, her big natural boobs, which now appear a little smaller than usual. So, at least for the sake of her tits, let’s hope that she gains back the weight that she’s lost, so her magnificent breasts become as full as they’ve always been.

Must see video:
Come peak under Alison’s white dress!

alison angel sensual alison angel sensual alison angel sensual

Alison Angel Blog

Tree Climbing with Alison Angel

alison angel cover For some reason I never think of Alison Angel as a playful, spur of the moment type of person. She usually strikes me as a serious girl, very much more in touch with her sexuality than with her inner child. But apparently I’ve been wrong all along, and Alison, despite her circumspect usual appearance, is indeed quite goofy. Good for her! I admit that I love the sensual, very womanly and extremely arousing Alison Angel that masturbates in her shower, in her bedroom and pretty much in every place she visits. But today I have fallen in love again with this new Alison that climbs a tree, hangs upside down and shows her pussy in the most amazing and unique positions. I hope she continues to show us that side of her personality often and shares these unique, spontaneous moments with us all.

Obviously, if she shows her titties and her kitty while at it, more power to her :) Speaking of kitty-showing, have you noticed Alison’s new pussy haircut? For a while she was completely shaved, but now she has come back to her original landing strip, and her love-box looks more edible than ever!

Must see video:
See our Angel swinging from the trees!

alison angel sunshinetree alison angel sunshinetree alison angel sunshinetree

Alison Angel

Alison Angel All Wet

alison angel cover

Have you ever seen a better looking pair of breasts than Alison Angel’s? Obviously, this notion didn’t just dawn on me, but I realized that seeing her all wet in the shower, with her boobs escaping off her top is simply a perfect vision. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, let me say that Alison’s breasts are completely natural, without a single enhancement. If you think about it, this girl has been blessed with perfection from head to toe; but her best asset is undoubtedly her bouncy, perky and oh so naturally large boobs.

And if you enjoy watching Alison Angel play with those boobs as much as I do, you’ll fall head over heels when you watch the video from this update. In it, she rubs her breasts, soaps them up and covers them in bubbles. By the time she’s ready to rinse off, she’s so horny from all the tit-playing and nipple-caressing, that she has no choice but to masturbate. Mind you, this is not your run of the mill masturbation session… today Alison Angel spreads her pretty pussy and shoves her glass dildo deep inside, hard and mercilessly, in one of her wildest self-loving scenes ever. You have to see this… not only does the shower water drips all over her while she masturbates, but her own pussy juices end up spilling from her overflowing vagina!

Must see video:
Get Wet with Alison Angel now!

alison angel wettoy alison angel wettoy alison angel wettoy

Alison Angel

Workout with Alison Angel

alison angel cover It’s been a while since my last post about Alison Angel or one of her guest girlfriends, but I am ready to bring the best of our Angel to you again. I tried several times to get posting again, and every time I just sat there in front of my computer, daydreaming about Alison. Can you really blame me?

But now, I’m finally back on the saddle and I promise to be good and not let this blog get away from me again! I’m so sorry that I abandoned you all, and to make it up, I am back with a vengeance… This Alison Angel update features her working out, getting in even better shape (like that’s even possible!), and there is one very special photo in it that I’m sure you guys will love as much as I do. I’m talking, obviously about the photo where Alison bends over and allows her boobs hang out of her shirt, letting you enjoy them in all their glory… all their natural glory, I may add!

If you missed Alison Angel and her delicious body, you’ll get plenty to look at in this photoset, where she gets butt naked and looks simply edible, despite being sweaty. Did you ever think a girl could look hot in workout clothes? Time to reconsider!

Must see video:
Get hot and sweaty with Alison

alison angel workout alison angel workout alison angel workout

Alison Angel Blog

A Day at the Pool

alison_angel_bubbles_1' This very well may be the best Alison Angel photo gallery and video ever! As I watch the video and listen to her giggle and laugh my mind drifts away to a different place.

I am with Alison on a hot sunny summer morning. We head down to the pool and for some unknown reason she decides it would be fun to blow bubbles as if we were kids again. Watching her blow bubbles is a treat itself but what happens next is pure delight.

The liquid from the bubbles begins to drip onto her boobs. At first she wipes it but than with a wry smile she purposefully pours some more on her boobs. As pretends to wipe it away only to rub it all over her boobs. As she spreads it her skin glistens in the sun. She calls me over and ask for help “cleaning” it off. I slide over closer to her and with two hands cup her boobs.

What happens next? Well… I am sorry to let you down but that is a bit to naughty to share!

Be a part of my daydream
Come giggle and blow some naughty bubbles!

alison_angel_bubbles_002' alison_angel_bubbles_003' alison_angel_bubbles_004'

Alison Angel

Happy Birthday Alison


It is my birthday this month, and to celebrate it, I’ve chosen a very special photo set of Alison: the set where she herself had a birthday! These photos are from last year’s event, when Alison turned 20. Unfortunately she is not a teen anymore, but those of us who love young blonde models will keep on worshipping her. In my case, even after Alison Angel turns 60, I will still be in love with her!

But going back to the heart of the matter, I’d like to recommend that you check out each one of these photos, and pay special attention to the last one, where Alison lays down, lifts her legs, and decorates her own “bottom lips” with her birthday candles. That right there will give you an instant boner, guaranteed… but if you want even more kinkiness, take a look at the scene where Alison rubs cake frosting on her nipples, and proceeds to lick them clean. Wow, that’s one kinky blonde, and I’m feeling rather flush… sorry, my dear readers, but after seeing how naughty Alison has gotten on her special day, I’m to watch all the action on video. Come on, accompany me!

Must see video:
Alison makes a special Birthday wish!

alison_angel_birthday_2 alison_angel_birthday_3 alison_angel_birthday_4

More Alison Angel



I think I’ve said before that my favorite way to see Alison Angel is playing on her bed, or fooling around her house while getting naked and finally masturbating in front of the camera. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I will say NO to a photoset of this smokin’ hot blonde posing in a studio. Mainly when she’s wearing next to nothing in the pictures!

Take this shoot of Alison Angel, for instance. She starts out dressed in a cropped white tank top and black hot pants. But it doesn’t take long for her to lift the first and lower the latter and show us everything that Mother Nature adorned her with, including turning around so you don’t miss a single inch of skin.

But the best part about these pictures is watching Alison’s skin glimmer under the flash of the camera. She had rubbed her body with oil to make herself shiny, and you can see the drops of sweat sitting on top of her slick skin. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! You guys have no idea how much this photoset made want to jump thru my computer monitor and lick every last drop of Alison’s sweat!

Must see video:
Watch Alison Glisten and Sparkle

alison_angel_studio3_2 alison_angel_studio3_3 alison_angel_studio3_4

More Alison Angel

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Alison Angel:

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FTV Girls:

ftv girls

FTV Girls is the site where Alison started. It is my favorite masturbation and sex toys site. Of course, "sex toys" is a putting it midly. The FTV Girls will masturbate with many "sex toys" including: water bottles, fruits, vegtables, hair brushes, garden hoses, curling irons and even a baseball bat!!

While the pictures are amazing quality high resolutions it is the videos that make FTV Girls shine. All videos are shot in HDTV technology and play with crystal clarity. In total the site has over 50,000 pictures and more than 345 videos. Each video episode is between 30 and 90 minutes.

Preview all 200 FTV Girls


Lia 19:

Lia 19

Lia 19 is a drop dead gorgeous silly witty blond who has firm 34C breasts and the best nipples on-line!

Her site,, is a "sister" site to Lia 19's site is produced by the same people who help Alison with her site. And just like with Alison's they have done a great job. She has shot more than 240 episode for her site. Each episode is shot in a unique location and features the photo sets and videos from the shot.

See Lia19's pefect nipples!


Fiona Luv:

Fiona Luv

Fiona Luv is a petite blond 19 year old and the star of As a former gymnast she is very flexible, can do crazy gymnastics, backflips and extreme yoga-style position. Of course this flexibilty lends itself to making some very very naughty videos!

Fiona Luv's site is by the people who have introduced the world to Alison, Lia 19 and the whole crew at FTV Girls. Fiona has done over 130 episodes and, of course, they all feature our heroine, Fiona Luv, being her cute, bouncy, and fun loving self.

Try nude gymnastics Fiona Luv!


Alexa Model:

Alexa Model



Jezebele oozes sexuality. She has firm natural C-cup breasts, long sexy legs, a cute butt and an adorable smile.

Jezebele's sexual energy shows through out her site. She loves to maturbate and often has long loud multiple orgasms. Jezebele is a 'squirter'. She 'squirts' so far it has to be seen to be believed!

Jezebele's site,, is produced by the same people work with Alison on her site and FTV Girls. It features the same high quality pictures and videos.

Watch Jezebele 'squirt' now!






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