FTV Girls Paolo


It seems to me that Alison Angel has lately developed a taste for dark meat, as in the last few sets that I’ve seen of hers, she’s been playing around with Ethnic beauties. And, following the same pattern, the FTV Girls site has been featuring dark skinned chicks. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not complaining… Actually, I’m more than thrilled, since I’ve been dying to see Alison having sex with a black or a Latino girl. Granted, so far my wishes haven’t come true; but I’m patient, and good things come to those who wait.

Of course, with such an introduction to today’s photoset, you guys may have realized that the chosen gal is anything but Caucasian. Indeed, this slender honey is a Puerto Rican girl with some black blood in her veins; a mixed that produced one of the hottest Latin chicks that I’ve seen in a long time. Her name is Paola, and not only is she is a sexy momma, but she knows how to put what Nature gave her, to good use. Please, don’t miss out on this episode of FTV Girls, where this handful of brown sugar shoves 10 inches of fake cock inside her, a trick that she then tops off by inserting an entire set of anal beads in her hole…

click here to watch Paola get super freaky!

ftv_girls_paolo_2 ftv_girls_paolo_3 ftv_girls_paolo_4

FTV Girls

FTV Girls Sarah


I’ve always thought that girls from the SouthWest have a unique sex appeal that you don’t find on their counterparts from other areas of the country. That’s probably why I enjoyed Sara’s videos so much. Or it could be the fact that this 22 year old Arizona native is not only adorably cute, but as wild as they get. I just realized that these photos that I’ve posted here don’t do any justice to what really happened when Sara posed for the FTV camera, so let me give you an idea of what went on:

First off, Sara showed her naughty side in public, and flashed her perky boobies in a restaurant, and then went on to get fully naked in an office building! Although there were some people around, she didn’t seem to mind at all, and to prove it, she did a second round of public nudity at a water fountain in the middle of the street! Not satisfied with that, she then heads inside and after shedding her clothes, she “tries on” some rather large balls, and she practically shoves them all the way inside her vagina. And, for the grand finale, Sara pulls off a neat trick: she double penetrates herself with two vibrators… wow!

Must See Video:
Watch Sarah get Very Kinky!

ftv_girls_sarah_2 ftv_girls_sarah_3 ftv_girls_sarah_4

FTV Girls

Hot FTV Girls Shana


I admit that the girls that FTV features are the cream of the crop, but no matter how hot they may be, very few of them can compete in beauty and sex appeal with Alison herself. It’s hard, since my favorite blonde model has the whole package!

Now, from time to time, FTV Girls comes up with a chick that has what it takes to be considered at the same level as Alison. And Shana is one of them. This Canadian brunette has one of those bodies that once you’ve gotten lucky enough to see, you will never forget. She has long, lean legs, a small waist, generous hips, and a delicious set of all natural breasts. And those boobies are exactly what will drive you nuts about Shana. At least, they did the trick for me!

Shana’s skin is smooth and tanned, and although there is a hint of tan lines on her chest, her boobs have obviously enjoyed some bare sunning. Her areolas are big and round like silver dollars, and her nipples stand erect at the slightest stimulation. Needless to say that as soon as Shana spread her legs for the camera and began rubbing her clit, those bad boys stood at attention!

If you enjoy watching a young gal masturbate outdoors, while her nature-made breasts bounce at every movement of her body, I definitely recommend that you click here, and see lots more of this astonishing beauty!

Must see video:
Watch Shana strip and masturbate in the park!

ftv_girls_shana_2 ftv_girls_shana_3 ftv_girls_shana_4

Hot FTV Girls Trisha


This is not the first time that Trisha poses for FTV Girls. Actually, just a month before this photo shoot took place, she had been featured on the site, during her actual first time on video.

But FTV’s visitors loved Trisha so much, that its producers brought her back one more time for a full day of naughtiness. And so, the day began by Trisha dressing in a sexy see through black top and short brown skirt, and heading out with the photographers to charm lucky by-passers with her sweet smile and wow them by showing her breasts in public places.

After a while of outdoor fun, they return to the studio, where Trisha masturbates with a clear dildo. Unfortunately this toy is too big for her very tight private parts, and she ends up rubbing her clit to make herself cum.

Even if your main motivation for following every update of FTVGirls.com is watching the girls they feature using a dildo or two, you will still love this video of Trisha. Granted, that clear toy did not go all the way inside her, but there are some great close ups where you can see a couple of inches of it penetrating her vagina!

Must see Video:
Watch Trisha masturbate and cum now!

ftv_girls_trisha_2 ftv_girls_trisha_3 ftv_girls_trisha_4

FTV Girls

FTV Girls Jackie


A few years ago, in 2003 to be more exact, FTV Girls introduced one of the wildest girls I’ve come across in their website: Jackie. This 18 year old teen has a body from hell. But please don’t misinterpret that… I mean that her body is so hot that it will send you straight to hell, but it is well worth eternal damnation!

Jackie has an all natural set of 34C breasts that will make you melt right on the spot, and, to prove that young doesn’t necessarily mean inexperienced, she will do wonders with them! Lucky for us, that’s just the beginning, as she continues South on her journey of self-pleasuring. This girl will shove a rose up her private parts, masturbate fast and furious (yep, just like the movie, but with even more action!), stuff herself with a couple of biggest ftv girls toys that barely fit inside her vagina but that she pushes inside herself without mercy, and finally, she will have her you-know-what stretch to the maximum by an entire fist! I have no idea how she puts the whole thing up in there, but, seeing is believing, and you’ll definitely watch it happen in front of your very eyes, as Jackie leaves nothing to your imagination!

Must see video:
Watch the vids of extreme Jackie now!

ftv_girls_jackie_2 ftv_girls_jackie_3 ftv_girls_jackie_4

more FTV Girls

FTV Girls Courtney Stretches

ftv_girls_courtney_1 Courtney is the latest hottie I stumbled upon while surfing FTV Girls. One cool thing that happened during her shoot at FTV Girls is that she hooked up with Alison Angel and we learn that like Alison Courtney was also a high school cheerleader when she was younger. This leads to some super silly and super hot naked gymnastics. Think about it. My head almost exploded when I got to watch the closeup video of Alison Angel and Courtney doing cartwheels, summersaults and – best of all – splits! The view were yummy to say the least.

Like many of the FTV Girls Courtney also has a wild side. The day before she hung out with Alison Angel she spent some time playing with some rather large toys and dildos. She also gets rather raunchy at one point and while putting on her makeup uses her masacara like a dildo and puts it all the way inside of herself. Later this hottie decided to see if she can insert her panties all the way into her pussy. Is she able to do it you ask. Well let me answer this way – Courtney’s gymnastics and cheerleading experience sure do make her flexible and limber!

Must see video:
Courtney takes on the giant FTV Toys!

ftv_girls_courtney_2 ftv_girls_courtney_3 ftv_girls_courtney_4

FTV Girls Pics

FTV Girls Jamie Gets Wet

ftv_girls_jamie_1 OMG – Let me tell you about Jamie from this episode of FTV Girls. If you like girls with a wild side who are into some “extreme” things than Jamie is the girl for you. As innocent and demure as Alison Angel is Jamie is the opposite and she has the videos to prove it!

What do I mean by “extreme”? Well in one video Jamie masturbates with a garden hose and puts the entire hose into her pussy and then turns it on. Water squirtes everywhere! But when Jamie retreats back to the FTV Girls mansion for some more masturbation there is more squirting than the garden hose. Jamie masturbates and insert four fingers into her pussy. This leads to such and intense orgasm that she “squirtes” onto the camera. It must have shot four feet and nearly hit the camera man! lol

Must see video:
Watch Jamie Squirt Hard!

ftv_girls_jamie_2 ftv_girls_jamie_3 ftv_girls_jamie_4

FTV Girls Pics

Sweet FTV Girls Tiffany

ftv_girls_tiffany_1 Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany – Without a doubt this FTV Girl is a cutie pie. Those big brown eyes and adorable freckles give her that cute hometown hottie look.

Of course she is even cuter when masturbating. But don’t let her cute innocent look fool you Tiffany is a hell of a frisky girl. The horn dog sure has hit her and hit her hard. But even when she is masturbating Tiffany is such a sweetie. She lets out the most adorable little squeels as she looks shyly at the camera.

The real treat for us is that we get three different masturbation scenes in the videos. They are all very hot but my favorite video is when she masturbates in the shower. She has some very unique uses for the bar of soap. I am not going to tell you just what she does with the bar of soap but I will give you a hint – let’s just say her privates are squeeky clean inside and out!

Must see video:
Watch Tiffany’s soapy shower orgasms!

ftv_girls_tiffany_2 ftv_girls_tiffany_3 ftv_girls_tiffany_4

FTV Girls

FTV Girls Lizzie Masturbates

ftv_girls_lizzie_1 If your a fan of big natural boobs than you will love the gallerys and videos that Lizzie shot during her visit to the FTV Girls estate. Hands down Lizzie is sure to be a favorite of big boob lovers. At 19 years old this is an amazing 34DD-26-37 and they are all natural! Yes you read that right 34DD!! And she is only 5′6″ tall – Lizzie is all boobie.

However the good folks at ftv girls hit a double home run with Lizzie becuase she is sure to be a huge hit with the redhead lovers out there. All natural from head to toe every hair on her body is a wonderful shade of redhead. But still Lizzie is really more of a special girl for the big boob lovers.

During her videos she spends some time in public flashing those big boobies and when she gets caught in the rain – my god – the way her shirt clings to her will stop you dead in your tracks. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until Lizzie gets back home and we get to watch her shower and massages lotion and creme into her boobs. And of course she is hypnotizing to watch Lizzie’s boobs heavy and sway while she masturbates and had multiple orgasms.

Must see video:
Watch Lizzie’s chest heave as she orgasms

ftv_girls_lizzie_2 ftv_girls_lizzie_3 ftv_girls_lizzie_4

FTV Girls Nina and a Blue Vibrator

ftv_girls_nina_1 While the galleries and videos of FTV Girl Nina masturbating with the big blue vibrator are very hot I think the hottest thing about this shot with Nina is the time she spent with Alison. In case it isn’t obvious Nina has big boobies also. In fact she is a natural 34D and they sit on that tiny little 5 foot body of hers. Yup, that is a whole lot of boobie for one girl!

So what makes their time together the hottest thing with this shoot? Two words – Boobie Massages!!! Nina and Alison take turns rubbing and massaging each others boobs. So firm, so soft, so supple, so big, Mmmmm…. Well I think you get the picture.

Oh yeah one last thing. The boobie massage video ends with a “cherry stuffing” scene. What is a “cherry stuffing” scene you ask? Well… let me just tell you that it has nothing to do with ice cream sundays and they are not “eating” the cherries. The cherries get “hid” somewhere a tad lower than the mouth. Want a hint? Go to her belly button and head about 8 inches south. ;-)

Must see video:
Watch Nina Explode with her Blue Vibrator

ftv_girls_nina_2 ftv_girls_nina_3 ftv_girls_nina_4

FTV Girls Violet’s Huge Dildo

ftv_girls_violet_1 OMG – I simply can not believe it. Look at the size of that huge dildo that FTV Girls Violet uses to masturbate with. If I did not see the video I would not believe it. Violet is able to fit the entire dildo inside of herself. All 14 freackin inches! I sure hope my sweetie, Alison Angel, doesn’t try to use a huge dildo like that. She could hurt herself.

Btw.The other things I should tell you about FTV Girls Violet is that she gets into “fisting” on the video and she is a “squirter”. So make sure you grab a raincoat and umbrella before you sit down to watch Violets episodes of FTV Girls video.

Must see video:
FTV Girls Violet: Huge Dildo – Fisting – Squirting

ftv_girls_violet_2 ftv_girls_violet_3 ftv_girls_violet_4

Lesbian FTV Girls Nikkie and Kim

ftv_girls_nikkie_kim_1 For those who don’t know Alison Angel got her start on FTV Girls. Lia19 as well as a number of other cute girls got her start on FTV Girls. What is FTV Girls? It is a super hot site featuring hundreds of drop dead beautiful models.The photo sets are remarkable but the videos are what sets the site apart.

Take this set with Nikkie and Kim. There are some great photo sets but 2 hours of high definition video are remarkable. We get to see Nikkie and Kim box topless. We get to see them watch a scary movie. We get to see them dress up like school girls. And the best poart of all this is that each scene ends with the two girls having some hot teen lesbian sex. They eat pussy, play with huge dildos and more. Perhaps the most unique part was to see Kim handcuff school girl Nikkie to the bed and proceed to stuff 5 lollipops into Nikkie’s pussy. Trust me, the videos on FTV Girls are amazing.

Must see video:
Nikkie has 5 lollipops stuffed into her wet pussy

ftv_girls_nikkie_kim_2 ftv_girls_nikkie_kim_3 ftv_girls_nikkie_kim_4

Redhead Leanne from FTV Girls

ftv_girls_leanne_1 Wow – Not only is Leanne a former ballet perform but this beautiful redhead from FTV Girls is also one horny girl who happens to be rather kinky in her masturbation technique.

Leanne is super sexy when she shows us how flexible her body is by demonstrating her ballet moves. Mmmmm – some of those bends and stretches give us some very interesting views of her naughty bits and she certianly is hot when masturbating with a big pink dildo. She shows us her kinky side when she decides to masturbate with a hair brush. The video of her sliding the hair brush in and out of her pussy brought me right to the edge.

Must see video:
FTV Girl Leanne masturbates with a Hair Brush!

ftv_girls_leanne_2 ftv_girls_leanne_3 ftv_girls_leanne_4

Alison Angel:

alison angel

FTV Girls:

ftv girls

FTV Girls is the site where Alison started. It is my favorite masturbation and sex toys site. Of course, "sex toys" is a putting it midly. The FTV Girls will masturbate with many "sex toys" including: water bottles, fruits, vegtables, hair brushes, garden hoses, curling irons and even a baseball bat!!

While the pictures are amazing quality high resolutions it is the videos that make FTV Girls shine. All videos are shot in HDTV technology and play with crystal clarity. In total the site has over 50,000 pictures and more than 345 videos. Each video episode is between 30 and 90 minutes.

Preview all 200 FTV Girls


Lia 19:

Lia 19

Lia 19 is a drop dead gorgeous silly witty blond who has firm 34C breasts and the best nipples on-line!

Her site, Lia19.com, is a "sister" site to AlisonAngel.com. Lia 19's site is produced by the same people who help Alison with her site. And just like with Alison's they have done a great job. She has shot more than 240 episode for her site. Each episode is shot in a unique location and features the photo sets and videos from the shot.

See Lia19's pefect nipples!


Fiona Luv:

Fiona Luv

Fiona Luv is a petite blond 19 year old and the star of FionaLuv.com. As a former gymnast she is very flexible, can do crazy gymnastics, backflips and extreme yoga-style position. Of course this flexibilty lends itself to making some very very naughty videos!

Fiona Luv's site is by the people who have introduced the world to Alison, Lia 19 and the whole crew at FTV Girls. Fiona has done over 130 episodes and, of course, they all feature our heroine, Fiona Luv, being her cute, bouncy, and fun loving self.

Try nude gymnastics Fiona Luv!


Alexa Model:

Alexa Model



Jezebele oozes sexuality. She has firm natural C-cup breasts, long sexy legs, a cute butt and an adorable smile.

Jezebele's sexual energy shows through out her site. She loves to maturbate and often has long loud multiple orgasms. Jezebele is a 'squirter'. She 'squirts' so far it has to be seen to be believed!

Jezebele's site, Jezebele.com, is produced by the same people work with Alison on her site and FTV Girls. It features the same high quality pictures and videos.

Watch Jezebele 'squirt' now!






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